Image processing, Mobile vision and Pattern recognition lab is a research laboratory of the Department of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Parma, Italy.

Research at IMP lab covers topics of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning, and Multimedia applied to images and videos, as well as data from different sensors. In addition, IMP lab is currently involved in research activities on vision-based human-computer interaction.

The main research projects at IMP lab concern: Mobile Vision, Object Recognition (Automatic Landmark Recognition), Machine Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.

More specifically, current research topics are related to: image processing and pattern recognition techniques for creative industries (with a well established collaboration with Adidas AG, Germany), people reidentification and multi-camera multi-object tracking within the field of video surveillance, different projects of computer vision to industrial applications for quality control, image retrieval and landmark recognition for mobile devices with applications to image-based geo-localization of mobile devices and vehicles, and to augmented reality for smart electronic tourist guides.

IMP lab offers different thesis, both for undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master) students (see http://implab.ce.unipr.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Elenco-Argomenti-di-Tesi-2017-IMPLab.pdf) and the possibility of post-graduate positions within the lab on the different projects (http://implab.ce.unipr.it/?page_id=6).